How did you get into running?

I joined a social running club in uni called Cool Runnings and signed up to run a half marathon with them!

How long have you been with the club?

I’ve been with the club since September last year and have been a leader for about 6 months

What has been your favourite event/race so far?

Cardiff Half is definitely my fave but I really enjoyed the Resolution Run in my first photo too! (It helped I was first female )

What’s your favourite distance to run?

You can’t beat the sense of achievement after a half marathon but I also love a 10k (it’s over quicker)

How else do you like to train?

Cycling! Far lower impact than running and you can sit down the whole time – what’s not to love?

Are you a morning or an evening runner?

Definitely an evening runner – I always say I need at least two meals before I can even think about going for a run!

Do you prefer road or trail?

Trail, though I don’t do very much of it. Trail seems to go hand in hand with hills, and hills and I are not best friends

What’s your next goal?

I’m hoping to do a duathlon as soon as lockdown is over!

What’s your best piece of training advice you can share with others?

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and just enjoy it!