How did you get into running?

I’d dallied with running over the years but never really ran regularly before I went to Australia in 2013 to work for a year. There I was introduced to parkrun and the rest, as they say, is history….

How long have you been with the club? As a leader and as a member?

I moved to Cardiff October 2015 and joined WRP two weeks later as a way to meet women outside of work and to aim to run the World Series half marathon in March 2016. It’s been great – I love the women of WRP, I love the sessions, the cross country team (and cakes) and I do love a new bit of kit!! I’ve only been a leader since October 2020.

What has been your favourite event/race so far?

My first Cardiff half race in the hail of March 2016 is still one of my proudest moments and I love the atmosphere of Cardiff, but for scenery the Vancouver half marathon was pretty amazing.

In terms of events I am a bit of a parkrun tourist – I do love attending random parkruns wherever I can!

What is your favourite distance to run?

Between 10k and 10 miles

How else do you like to train (your second favourite sport?)

I love lifting weights and do love a hike to take some great photos.

Are you a morning or evening runner?


Do you prefer road or trail?

A mixture!

What’s your next goal?

Castle to Castle race for Velindre is supposed to be in March. Fingers crossed!!! If not London Landmarks half marathon in May.

What is your best piece of training advice you can share with others?

Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re right.

I see women go through some amazingly tough situations in my work and they come through it learning huge amounts about themselves – everyone is stronger than they think they are, but no one gets there alone. It needs a team.

This applies to running as well as life!