The annual Club Membership fee is either £25 (standard membership) or £44.50 (with personal affiliation to Welsh Athletics Association).  Membership is payable in advance. The membership year is 1st April to 31st March.

  • Membership entitles members to attend as many sessions as they like; there are no additional charges.
  • Women who are considering joining may attend 2 sessions on a trial basis. After 2 trial sessions full membership of the Club becomes compulsory.
  • All new and renewing members must submit a signed membership form each year.
  • The Club Committee has the power at their absolute discretion to grant honorary Memberships to Club Members for no more than 12 months at a time.
  • Membership shall be available to any person aged 18 or over.
  • No club member (including trial members) shall be allowed to directly or indirectly discriminate against any other club member or trial member or any other person upon grounds of their sexual orientation, race, colour, culture, religion, nationality, disability or ability.
  • All club members (including trial Members) accept and agree that they are responsible for their own safety and personal health and fitness when attending and participating in club training sessions and social events. That they will, when partaking in club sessions, wear appropriate reflective clothing/running bibs, and take all appropriate care to provide for their own safety and well-being. Whilst running on roads, pavements and tracks etc, members must take appropriate care when dealing with hazards such as road vehicles, pedestrians, horses, dogs and other animals and other road furniture. Members agree not to attend any club session that the club member is not fit and able by reason of injury illness or condition to partake in.
  • Members who are pregnant, are injured or are diagnosed with an illness that may make running injurious to their health must inform club leaders prior to participating in a training session, race or other event.  Leaders will discuss with the member the risks associated with participation in the activity and may advise against participation if they believe that the activity poses a significant risk for the individual.  Members may be asked to provide a medical certificate or letter from a GP showing that they are able to participate in club activities without risk to their health.
  • Club members should wear a club vest when participating in WAA races.
  • Data Protection: The Club Chair/Membership Secretary will store personal data of members, including their names and addresses, dates of birth, telephone numbers and e mail addresses (where provided) in order to maintain membership lists & mailing lists. Data is stored for the purposes of managing the club only and may be shared with club officials, as necessary, for purposes relating to the operation of the club. Personal Data will be provided to WAA for the purposes of member affiliation but in no other circumstances will data be passed on to any other person/body. Data will be removed when you cease to be a club member. Members must provide consent for their data to be stored and processed when applying for membership.
  • Club Website / Social Media: Information about Club members’ race times and involvement in club activities and photographs of club members may be published on the club website and on Social Media. If you have any objection to your race times and involvement in club activities and photographs being published on the club website or for publicity purposes you are required to notify the Club Secretary in writing.