Warm up squats x20, arm circles and warm up jog for 5 minutes (nice steady pace).

Find a hill – quite a steep one – Custom House hill or the ZigZag or Beach Hill are all favourites. If you’re in Cardiff or the wider Vale please post some good ones!

8 – 12 repeats of 60 seconds run uphill and then a 2 minute recovery jog downhill and a little loop.

The 60 seconds should be hard going. Try and keep up the intensity – this means your anaerobic fitness is tested and your endurance should improve. You should feel this in your glutes and hamstrings on Tuesday!

If you don’t have a watch or phone to do intervals (I use interval timer app) then use lampposts – try to run 4-5 lampposts uphill and then downhill with a little loop at the bottom. (See now you have no excuse!)

Finish the session with a nice SLOW jog for at least 10 minutes.

We look forward to seeing your pictures. Share your routes and hills!!

Go any time of the day – run solo, but support each other on here.

Best wishes,  run safe!

Donna, Jeanette,  Lynne and Sarah