15 of our members ran this on the 22nd May – This was for many the first 10k race since starting to run in January as members of our Beginners course and for others this was the first  organised race since before the pandemic  and its lock down.  It was a hot day and here are the excellent times achieved: 

Wendy  56:17

Clare J  56:25

Bron 57:18

Rachel O’  59:10

Anna  1:02:02

Jessica 1:03:03

Debi  1:03:28

Joanna  1:04:21

Naomi  1:04:35

Claire M1:05:27

Caryl  1:06:19

Rhianna  1:08:11

Sue B   1:08:38

Helen H  1:11:57

Rouha   1:21:22