Jelly leg challenge!… Penarth heights/zig-zag path with a twist… 5/10 min running warm up then starting at the bottom of the zig-zag path skip/high knees/side step etc to each bend alternating until you reach the top. Then begin your descent – when you reach the last bend start your ascent again, on the next lap go down one less bend and ascend again and so forth until back at the top. Power on the ascent. Recover on the descent. THE TWIST… once you are back to the top then gentle recover all the way to the bottom of the hill and then begin the whole process in reverse I.e run to the first bend and back to start, then the 2nd bend and back to start etc. Then 5-10 min cool down run. I’ve just done it and can confirm it’s a toughie!! Variations to try: add some walking reps in to give yourself a breather or power on descent recover on ascent. Good luck!