Surge training involves bursts of faster running (and recovery) built into a longer run. For the surges you’re not going for an all out sprint but you do need to pick up the pace maybe think of your 5k pace. Start with a nice steady run (15 mins) to a quiet well lit road. Do 10 surge sets of: 40 second fast running, 60 second gentle recovery run. Focus on picking up the pace, swinging your arms and keeping tall, relaxed posture. Do mostly on the flat with one set on a hill – you choose, you know your body best. You can use an interval timer app for the first time – it is really easy. Finish off with 15 mins steady run home and some stretches. Takes about 45 mins altogether. The fast bursts are fun and energising.
We hope you enjoy – don’t forget to let us know how you get on!
Sarah, Sue, Deb and Bron