Women Running Penarth – Annual General Meeting

Held on September 19 2021 at St Augustine’s Church Hall, Albert Road, Penarth

Minutes of 2020 AGM on Zoom: These were adopted as an accurate record of the meeting.

Chair’s Report

The Chair commented on what an odd year 2020/21 had been and the Covid-19 situation is reflected in a smaller number of members. Leaders have worked hard to keep classes going and have been using Eventbrite to record attendance, enabling us to follow Welsh Athletics’ guidelines and comply with rules set down by Welsh Government.

We must still take care, Covid is still present and we need to take precautionary measures to ensure our safety and that of our members.  This includes recognising that cold-like symptoms can be a sign of Covid, and so members are asked to take a lateral flow test if they can.  It was recognised that running outside is a low risk but we all should be alert to any symptoms, particularly as the weather gets colder.

It’s encouraging to see the new Beginners’ classes have been well attended and this will boost attendance to club sessions as the year unfolds. Attendance at our classes is growing with Sunday runs being reinstated since April 2021 and our current twice-weekly club sessions growing in popularity.

More of our members are taking part in official events and the Chair asked that Members let a committee member know if they are participating, we can arrange training and follow progress of members on their running journeys. Some members have enjoyed taking part in virtual races but we are all excited to see real events beginning to take place.

We are sad to lose some valuable leaders.  Laura Williams, who assisted with Communications, has moved out of the area.  Donna Edgbeare, who has been a stalwart of the club for five years as a leader and our kit officer, has also relocated out of the area.  We wish them both well in their own running journeys and we hope that we can meet up somewhere in a running or social event this year.

Alison Dacey is stepping down as committee member to give someone else a chance  and Helen Hodgson due to work pressures, we thank them both for all their input and hard work throughout their time on the Committee.

The Chair gave her grateful thanks for the continued dedication of our leaders:  Bronwen Calnan, Debbie Richards, Jeanette Ward, Jo Shah, Lara Cowpe, Lynne Evans, Lynne Sullivan, Sarah Brook, Sarah Wymer, Sue Lazarus and Wendy Holder.  Special thanks must also go to Sarah Pope, our treasurer for the work she does to manage the club’s finances.

There was a vote of thanks for the work of committee members.

The Chair thanked all members for their continued support, and asked that members renew their membership at the end of March 2022 to maintain insurance when running with the club.  Members were asked to wear their club sapphire coloured tops with pride and wear our colours when running in races.  The Chair reminded all present that it is never about the winning but supporting our club and showing the strength of Women Running Penarth.

Sarah Pope then gave a vote of thanks for the dedication of the Chair to our club and our members.

Statement of Accounts

The accounts show a balance of £1595.12 in credit.  These has been verified by Scott Ellis FCCA, son of Lynne and the Club records its thanks and appreciation to Sarah Pope and to Scott Ellis for their diligence in handling our accounts and financial matters.

Election of Committee

The following were elected to serve on the Women Running Penarth Committee.

Erika Fitzgibbon – Chair

Lynne Sullivan – Deputy Chair

Sarah Pope – Treasurer

Sarah Brook – Welfare Officer and Secretary

Sarah Wymer – Kit Officer

Lara Cowper – Communications Officer

Debbie Richards, Sue Lazarus, Bronwen Calnan, Jeanette Ward, Wendy Holder and Karen Binfield were also elected to serve on the committee.

The Chair encouraged members to take up a place on the committee, there is currently space for an additional three members.  There are tasks which crop up throughout the year and volunteers are always welcome and encouraged.

Affiliation to  carry on with Welsh Athletics

Membership Fee to stay at £25 per year

Safeguarding and Welfare

Welfare & Safeguarding policies implemented in WRP

  • All WRP leaders have an up to date leader’s licence which includes a DRB  check
  • WRP have a Welfare officer : Sarah Brook
  • Any suspected misconduct by club officials, coaches, or other people involved in the Club must be reported to the club’s Welfare Officer as soon as possible.
  • All our activities are delivered in a way which keeps all of us safe.
  • All members are treated equally, regardless of age, sex, gender identity, disability, marital or civil partnership status, pregnancy or maternity, religion, race, socioeconomic status or sexual orientation. (Equal opportunity policy)

We recognise that some adults may be at risk

Wales (Social Services and Well Being Act 2014) definition of an adult at risk is: 

an individual aged 18 years and over, who:

  1. is experiencing or is at risk of abuse or neglect,
  2. AND; b) has needs for care and support (whether or not the authority is meeting any of those needs)
  3. AND; c) as a result of those needs is unable to protect himself or herself against the abuse or neglect or the risk of it.

We have a culture of zero-tolerance of harm:

  • we are willing to report safeguarding concerns.
  • What is new, is that this extends to recognising and reporting harm experienced anywhere, including within our activities, within other organised activities, in the community, in the person’s own home and in any care setting.
  • Any concern that a person is not safe is taken seriously, responded to promptly, and followed up.

If we have to make a decision for someone else then we must make the decision in their best interests (for their benefit) and take into account what we know about their preferences and wishes.

Although: NO consent from the adult at risk is needed in Wales, to report to relevant other agency (police, social services.




Three Year Review: All those present agreed with current documentation.

Club Charity carries on being Maggie’s

Draw for the club ballot for London Marathon 2022 winner: Sarah Wymer, the club will help Sarah in her quest to run her first marathon