Sunny CF64 Race in Cosmeston!

Although the usual main selling point of the CF64 Race each year seems to be the quantity of MUD… I was lucky enough to experience the (rescheduled) race for the first time on Sunday 3rd April in glorious sunshine! It was the first race this year that I ran wearing sunglasses for the whole route and my new Karrimor trail running shoes to match. The P&D runners club did a brilliant job and considering it is a local club, they managed to host it so professionally, with plenty of marshalls, helpful signage and clear markings throughout the route – even circling the holes in the ground with white paint for us.
About 300 runners gathered on the sunny Sunday morning and very quickly we realised that this was no usual 10K route with all hopes from any unsuspecting runners of a PB quickly dashed, as the 6.4 mile course gave the word “undulating” a whole new definition. I sprinted up the first hill and by the last, was trudging up and calling out in desperation – but the energetic marshalls encouraged me on, as well as a nice chappy running alongside me who cheered me on right to the finish line.
From the dried up mud, twists and turns through trees, hilly grasses to open plains and of course the stunning views of the lakes – I highly recommend the CF64 to anyone – that’s if you’re happy for the ‘no frills’ aspect (yes that is running language for no medal apparently) but also if you’re looking for a challenging workout, that makes a run feel like a crossfit session, as well as the chance to suss out the local clubs and show off our WRP colours. Loved it – and still did it under 1 hour and (eventually) with a smile on my face! Do it!