Hi All – we’ve been staying connected by Zoom every Sunday night at 7 p.m ( (meeting ID sent to you by e-mail), our two timing challenges:

1. Run a mile and time your fastest run. Do some of the suggested sessions suggested by the leaders and then re run the mile at the end of the month to see how much you have improved. Post your times on here to hold yourself accountable if you want – but remember you are only racing yourself.

Some good one mile streets/routes are Penarth Road (Halfords to Porsche garage), the railway track in Penarth, the barrage, Redlands Road, Cosmeston main track.

2. Improve your 5k time. The local parkruns (Bute park, Grangemoor, Cosmeston, Barry) all have their routes online at the parkrun website or pick your own route (we’d love to hear of your favourite ones around the local area to you). See how much you can improve by – over four weeks.
…..and the alphabet challenge which is coming to an end now.

What the session programme each Monday to Thursday would be is posted under ‘Calendar’ and the leaders have proposed versions of everything – there are good suggestions under ‘Solo Run Suggestions’.

Despite a technical Gremlin meaning the zoom call didn’t get up and running until late we hope you’ve all had a good running weekend. It is difficult to motivate yourself to go out and keep going and to run at any kind of pace, but there have been some great runs on Strava – and some lovely posts in the Facebook group. WRP is a supportive and caring group of individually amazing women – the group is it’s members. So there are some session ideas on the website and some more will go up this week – take a look under solo run suggestions on https://womenrunningpenarth.org.uk/solo-run-suggestions/

Try and do a bit of a solo session or maybe combine a couple of ideas. Try and buddy up over WhatsApp to encourage each other. If you even get out of the house for any distance that is a win! We’re halfway through the month – how is your 1 mile and 5k time challenges coming along?

We know everyone is finding it hard to run alone. We’re here to encourage you and motivate you, but often that motivation is best with each other.

The WRP website now contains all the info on what sessions would have been running if there was a session and a section on the website called solo run suggestions which contains all the sessions suggested by leaders. These sessions will stay visible here, so you don’t have to scroll back through Facebook posts looking for sessions.
You can mix and match – you don’t have to do the whole session (and shouldn’t feel guilty if you don’t).
Adapt the sessions to where you live and give other people ideas – post on Facebook or in the WhatsApp groups.
Do let us know how you’re getting on with the challenges (1 mile time challenge and 5k time challenge) and the suggested sessions – we love feedback!
Don’t forget to recce your local area – aim for well lit areas so you feel safe and confident if you have to run after work.
How about posting on the WhatsApp groups – “I’m going for a run at 6pm – who wants to run at the same time? We can compare afterwards?” for instance.
Another top tip from Sarah Cosgrove this week: can you find a work colleague that can cover for you to enable you to do a quick lunch run and then you can cover for them to walk the dog or do a 30 minute yoga session. Exchange time!
And finally don’t forget Andrea’s photo challenge on Mondays and Thursdays. Post your photo of something beginning with the letter G on Monday 11th and H on Thursday 14th.
Happy Running everyone – stay safe and keep posting!

Different sessions will be posted by the leaders each week – there are already some good suggestions if you look back at the posts on here.

Don’t forget for a more fun challenge (if you don’t want to work on time, we know lots of you just want the social support) Andrea’s social solo selfie challenge is every Monday and Thursday and is following the alphabet. Monday 4th the letter E and Thursday 7th the letter F.

Happy Running – please let us know what else we can help you with