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A running club for women, run by women


If you want to run with a group of friendly, encouraging and like-minded people, you’re in the right place.  Whether you are training for an event, want to improve your fitness or just run for fun, our club can help you to realise your goals and fulfil your potential.   Sound good?  Take a look around the site to find out more.

We offer small group runs and training sessions at various times throughout the week to fit in with busy schedules; days and times of sessions are listed in the Calendar.  The About Us section tells you more about the club, what to expect from our runs and introduces you to our leaders.  Details about how to join can be found in the Membership section.   Follow our blog for the latest club news, race reports, training tips and stories from our members.





Our latests news

Women Running Penarth is 10 years old

Women Running Penarth is 10 years old

After the Women's Running Network went bankrupt we started Women Running Penarth 10 years ago. From a fledgling club we grew to a thriving women's running club with 14 leaders. We are like an extended family who help each other to grow from total beginnings, but also...

Pre-booking on Eventbrite

Each session is a separate booking via the Eventbrite links until 1 hour before.  This platform is free to use for you and the club.   This will continue until Welsh Athletics and the Welsh Government remove the requirement. During all the sessions everyone must abide...

Progression Run

Progression Run

The idea is to start easy, speed up as you go along and finish fast. Decide how long you’re going to run for and split into 3 segments, say 15 minutes, 15 and 15. Do the first 15 minutes nice and easy – hold that pace . Speed up for 15 – but not too much. You need to...